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We welcome component academicians, professors and eminent scholars who are interested in peer review to join us as reviewer. Please contact with journal office jehsdjournalgmail.com.

The responsibility of the peer reviewer
Peer reviewer is responsible for critically reading and evaluating a manuscript in the special field of reviewer.

Before reviewing
Please consider the following:

  • Does the article match your expertise?
  • Do you have enough time for reviewing the paper?
  • Are there any potential conflicts of interests to the editors?
If your answers is yes

please start the review process.When review the article, please check the quality, originality, clarity and adjustment of the article with the scope of the journal.

Please complete the review form. Your notification about articles will be strongly considered in make decision.

Conflict of interest
The following situations are considered conflicts and should be avoided:
·         Co-authoring publications with at least one of the authors in the past 3 years
·         Being colleagues within the same section/department or similar organizational unit in the past 3 years
·         Supervising/having supervised the doctoral work of the author (s) or being supervised/having been supervised by the author(s)
·         Receiving professional or personal benefit resulting from the review
·         Having a personal relationship (e.g. family, close friend) with the author(s)
·         Having a direct or indirect financial interest in the paper being reviewed

A complaint regarding potential conflict of interest of an editor will be referred to the supervising deputy editor, who will review the circumstances and send a written assessment of the merits of the complaint to the editor in chief. The editor in chief will make a final decision on management of the conflict and a written summary will be sent to Annals staff for record keeping.

Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Publisher and Reviewers
Publishers should establish guidelines, ensure transparency, and promote ethical conduct in scientific publishing. Reviewers should disclose potential conflicts of interest, provide impartial reviews, and maintain confidentiality.


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